Nurture Team Ministries

At Centenary we care strongly about ministering to our congregation of all ages and stages of life and these are just some of the many ministries we have:

*Care Ministers

The Care Ministers have been selected by the Nurture Team to assist the pastors and church staff in carrying out a variety of ministries in our church. Care Ministers are engaged in care for members who are ill, homebound, hospitalized, or grieving. They make hospital visits, home visits, phone calls, send notes, and attend end-of-life visitation and services.

 *Barnabus Pals

A Barnabas Pal is someone that serves as a source of encouragement for our Centenary students while they are away at college. Pals are asked to make some type of monthly contact with the student, and that may be in the form of a card, reminding them that they are being prayed for, or a “care package’” mailed or delivered to them. Most importantly, it is the commitment to pray for the student.

It is our hope that as we faithfully pray for our college students, our prayers, letters, and packages help to serve as an encouragement and a reminder that they are loved and cared for by their home church.

 *Faith Community Nursing

Believing that God created people to be integrated physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, faith community nursing seeks to assist clergy, staff, individuals, and the congregation to become an integrated, healthy, whole being. Faith community nurses do not provide direct patient care, but assist through consultation, education, referrals, listening and prayer. Through this ministry, Centenary has provided limited education programs, blood pressure screenings, health screenings, and a recent flu clinic. The faith community nurse is a licensed registered nurse.  

 *Faith Friends

A “faith friend” is connected with a church member who is no longer able to be as active as they once were and may be homebound or in a care facility and feel isolated from their church family. The “friend” reaches out and contacts their person through calls, cards, or visits to assure them that they are loved and not forgotten.

*New Additions

The birth or adoption of a child is something to celebrate, and we want to show our excitement for, and support of, the growing family. The New Additions ministry provides the family with a few meals, a crocheted baby blanket, lullaby CD, a devotional, and a book.

 *Prayer Chain

Information for prayer requests comes to the church office through phone calls, text messages, email, or the church website. That information is formatted into an email that is sent to a group of Centenary members who pray for the needs expressed in those requests. Anyone can be added to that list upon request.

 *Praying Knitting

Prayer knitters share Jesus’ love by knitting shawls and prayer pockets, that are given along with a prayer, to provide comfort and care for members facing extraordinary life challenges and difficult times. 

*Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is in the early formation stages and currently consists of multiple small groups engaged in prayer for the ministries of Centenary, as well as the congregation’s individual issues and needs. Centenary is a praying church, and prayer plays a vital role in the life and vitality of the Church. Therefore, the ultimate role of the Prayer Team is to support and enhance the existing prayer circles, in addition to forming new groups to ensure that all aspects of church ministry are covered in prayer.

 *Small Group Support

Most small group ministry occurs through Sunday school classes. The emphasis in each class is to teach and train, as well as keep people connected to the church. Regular contact with class members is vital for personal support and connectivity. As in any group, individual nurturing through touch, cards, and calls helps people belong.  Classes, as well as other small groups, enable our people to feel a strong sense of attachment to the church.