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What is going on in the United Methodist Denomination?

Below is a relatively unbiased, concise summary of the events happening in the UMC. We hope that this video will help you understand what has led up to and is causing the split in the UMC. The speaker speaks a bit quick, and it is less than 15 min.

The United Methodist Church Split (2023) - YouTube

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Videos Concerning Disaffiliating or Staying UMC

The Discernment Team is working to educate people in the congregation about the issues going on in the UMC and have come upon 2 different video series that present 2 Pastors' thoughts on how people and congregations should move forward. We are urging people to watch both to hear both sides and to be educated generally on what both sides are saying.

Below are the videos to watch concerning everything going on. The first is a conservative view (Rob Renfroe), which is then responded to by a progressive/centrist view (Adam Hamilton). It makes sense to watch Rev Renfroe's videos first, Rev Hamiliton even encourages this. They take a while, but it's worth being informed. Perhaps listening to them at 1.5 or 2xs the speed helps get through them. 

*** As you watch, please remember 2 things, 1. We are not necessarily advocating either view, we simply want folks to be educated and to hear both sides. 2. Both these Pastors are trying to influence and sway people to do certain things (so watch with your eyes open to that). With that said, we think these are pretty fair representations of 2 specific views.

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The first video series is from Rob Renfroe. You can find it here: 1. The United Methodist Church is Divided and Dividing - YouTube,  If you watch the first video, you can watch them in order as they will pop up and appear on the right-hand side.

The progressive/centrists' response to these videos from Adam Hamilton can be found here: Adam Hamilton Responds to Rob Renfroe: Why UMC? - YouTube. This again is a series of videos. 

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More resources may follow.